Shoes for them

An estimated 20 million children in rural areas in Sub-Saharan African walk to school without shoes, thousands of whom are from Kenya, according to the Global Citizen organisation. With many families in the rural areas barely being able to afford a meal a day, a pair of shoe is not a priority.

Through the Shoes for Them program, Destiny Connect Fresh has been able to gift many school going children with shoes. For some, it was their first time to own a pair. However, the numbers of children walking for long distances without a pair of shoe are still saddening. Hence our call to partners who may be willing to put a smile on a child’s face by buying them shoes. To give the vulnerable children and the orphans a fair chance of basic learning, a simple shoe donation can change the way they show up in their institutions and in life.

We believe shoes are a significant donation as they not only protect the children against exposure to sharp objects, harmful bacteria or infections in the soil, harsh temperatures on the ground they walk on and contaminated stagnant water, but also, restore the dignity of the children. Giving them the confidence and pride knowing they can walk to school in comfort.  

Witnessing the dire need for children to own shoes, Destiny Connect Fresh seeks to provide a solution for the children by providing shoes to the vulnerable.

Having identified at least 2,000 shoeless children in the communities we operate in, we seek to call upon donors who may help us pull our resources together and gift these children with shoes. A pair of shoe is $14.00. For some, they will own a pair for the first time in their lives. Bless a child with a pair today!


Destiny Connect Fresh was established in 2005 with the aim of providing sustainable solutions to life’s challenges such as lack of clean water, increased poverty index, lack of accessibility to education and unemployment to vulnerable communities.

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