Destiny Complex

Almost 1.13 million children of primary school age (6 to 13 years old) are out of school in Kenya today, according to an Out-of-School Children Initiative study. The situation has only worsened due to the impact of COVID-19 related school closures, followed by economic hurdles as well as drought in many counties.

Despite the fact that it is enshrined in the Kenyan Constitution that, “every child has the right to an education,” most vulnerable children do not have access to basic education. A reality that Destiny Connect Fresh is trying to change through our flagship project, DESTINY COMPLEX.

The complex is intended to serve as a community center, a learning facility, a home for the orphaned under our care and rehabilitation for destitute children. It is estimated to over cost $800,000.

We envision a time where the underprivileged and the orphaned children in the communities are given the opportunity to get a better life for themselves and their
families through education.

“The longer children are out of school, the harder it is for them to get back to learning. We must do everything possible, as quickly as possible, to get those children who are out of school back into class,” Cabinet Secretary for Education Kenya, DCF, treats this with the utmost urgency to start the foundation of this well-intentioned project as soon as possible.

Through the Destiny Complex, we will be able to create a world where everyone in the community can enjoy life with dignity, sufficient food, health and education.

We strongly believe that having a community center is vital as it will serve the whole community in many ways, including: medical camps hosted by DCF could be held therein, employment opportunities will be created, there will be a rehab center for the destitute in need, the orphaned will have a place to call a home, the children will have a safe and welcoming learning environment and many more great inputs.


Destiny Connect Fresh was established in 2005 with the aim of providing sustainable solutions to life’s challenges such as lack of clean water, increased poverty index, lack of accessibility to education and unemployment to vulnerable communities.

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