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Medical Camp

Destiny Connect Fresh initiated the Medical Camp program so as to provide communities with quality healthcare through free community health outreach camps.

Knowing that access to primary healthcare is crucial for all human being, DCF made it its aim to ensure that even those in the rural areas have access to it.

In the camps, which DCF has partnered with local hospitals, there is a wide range of services offered. They include screening, diagnosis and treatment of basic diseases, public health education, voluntary counseling and testing and provision of free medicine.

Our teams also educate mothers on the role of breastfeeding and immunization and also goes ahead to educate the communities on safe hygiene practices, nutrition, water and sanitation.


We have been able to organize several camps Nakuru and Siaya counties as we establish access to healthcare specialists to the marginalized while educating them on how lower their risk of non-communicable diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, thereby ultimately raising the level of health in the immediate community.

As Destiny Connect Fresh, we are committed to ensuring communities are consistently served through the camps. However, the financial capacity required is so huge causing us not to show up for the communities as much as we would like to. We are requesting you to help us bear this burden by donating towards this cause.


U.S.A  Address

120 w casino rd apt 29E,
Zip code 98204


+1 206-712-0125

Africa, Kenya  Address

Uyoma, Rarieda Sub-County, Siaya County and Manyani, Rhonda slums in Nakuru,


+254 727 352 142
+254 722 617 410
+254 750 540 141